Fan Feet Challenge Rules & BATTLEFIELDS

Not a lot of rules. 

1. You have to be on the Shoesletter (our email list) to win most things. We need a reliable way to contact you and our list is great and we don't sell or give your information away. Find it and sign up here.

2. While our awesome heels are licensed, the challenge is not endorsed nor in partnership with any school. (Legal stuff).

3. If we have to change some of the rules we get change some rules. 

How does it work?

We'll match up school in the bracket. For a period of days we'll select battlegrounds and challenges across the social medias and interwebs. If you see a posting related to your school or shoes on our social media things, like, share, comment, reblog, repost, repin.

We'll tabulate with hard math which school was more engaged, awesome, and assign points each day.

We'll also just pick some MVPs and random awards for fun!


Here is a sampling of the point system.

Email List

  • 15 Points per email list sign-up for your school.  Seriously, we don't email often and when we do it is awesome. 



  • 5 Points for a post share.
  • 1 Point for new page likes (Your school's Fan Feet page).
  • 1 Point for a post like on your school's Fan Feet page.
  • 1 Point for a comment  on your school's Fan Feet page.
  • 5 points for a comment with a friend tagged in the comments. (Shameless) (Your school's Fan Feet page).
  • Find your school Facebook Page here.



  • 1 Point for post like.
  • 5 Points/friend tagged in a comment for post related to your school. Max 2 tags per day.
  • Our Instgram is here



  • 10 Points per reblog.
  • 1 point per like. 
  • Our Tumblr is here. Follow and we'll follow back (unless your Tumblr sucks).


  • 5 Points for repins.
  • 1 Point for likes.
  • Our Pinterest is here and here. It's full of other random design stuff too.


The Snapchats

I have not idea. Maybe give away some Gift Cards. 


  • 5 Points when you follow. Tweet at us and let you know what your school is.
  • 5 Points for a retweet or something.
  • Our main twitter is here. We will be protecting tweets soon but if you are a real person we will follow back.